PTPL’s First Focus is on Education     

The first focus of PTPL has been to do what it can to keep schools open for the refugee children in the hope that attending school will give some normalcy to the lives of children who are suffering in so many other ways.   

1792011-1717287-thumbnail.jpgPTPL has focused on supporting students in 38 primary and secondary schools in the Uvira Region (Matumaini’s home) in the eastern Congo. PTPL’s money pays tuition for the benefit of specific children who would not be able to attend without this assistance.

A number of the children PTPL assists are orphans who are often living with host families.  The money that PTPL sends is used to pay the salaries of teachers.  The schools are very primitive.  Children often sit on bricks and the classrooms have no windows or doors.  Often there are no teaching materials.  All that said, attending school is very important to the children.  There is always more need than PTPL can meet.

Educating girls is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty.  Girls who are educated are more likely to be able to obtain jobs and delay marriage.  Studies have indicated that the most important factor in reducing the number of children women have is their level of education. Of the students we support , approximately 50%  are girls.

Very small amounts of money make such a large difference.  Tuition for the schools, which operate on a ten month basis, is $35 per primary student and $55 for a secondary student. Many more children need assistance than PTPL can currently support.

Personal Stories:

From the parent of Swedi N.:

It is just like a dream to see how the  organization PTPL has helped our child Swedi, who can now go to school.  Our child goes to primary school.  We have other children in the secondary school who need help, if you please.

From Bashimbe Zabuloni, parent:

I am David Faraja’s father.  I am grateful to People to People Liaison for paying school for my beloved son.  I am a very old person who did not go to school.  This child of mine is my  hope.  Your assistance has given relief to my heart. I pray that God will send this program forever.

From Kakobe Malenga, student:

My name is Kakobe Malenga.  I thank People to People Liaison for helping pay for my school.  I am in the sixth grade at primary school.  I have brothers who need your help.  Again thank you for this big step you have done for me.

From parents of Wilondja Bilali

I would like to give thanks for your continual help to my child, Wilondja Bilali.  May God bless you more and more in your endeavor.  We have been going through hardship due to economic instability.  I have another child who just got into secondary school.  If you can, I wish he can be in the program as well.

From Eca Nawalengwa, mother of Bahati Mwangaza

I thank God to have this opportunity to give thanks for this help that paid for education for my child.  Without this assistance, she would not be able to go to school.  I have six children.  This is a charge my husband left me with.  His whereabouts are unknown to me.  I live with many problems in my heart.  Mwangaza’s brother dropped out from school because he was not able to pay.  Now he should be in secondary school (7th grade).  My husband’s brothers have abandoned me with the burden of children.  I will never forget your help.  God bless you.  Thanks.

From Henriette Musau (widow)

With a heartfelt gratitude, I come to you through this letter.  I do not know how to thank you for the great thing you have done for me by taking in charge my dear orphaned children.  Every day I used to shed tears in my bedroom asking myself questions about their future.   You have been so generous to me.